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The whales are here!


If you don’t know about William Wessinger yet, we would like to introduce you!

William, owner of Wessinger Woodworks, is a local craftsman whose art demonstrates an incredible sense of detail, accuracy, patience, and vision. His handmade furniture and sculptures are outstanding, both visually and conceptually. From Oregon oak tripod chairs to hollow bellied whale sculptures, his whimsical work is bound to put a smile on your face.

As a sixth generation Portlander, Wessinger's woodworking and handmade pieces are a testament to his deep connection to the Northwest and his lifelong appreciation for the naturalistic qualities that Oregon possesses. “I always work to minimize the environmental impact of the pieces I make through the use of materials from sustainable sources and through building quality pieces that, with minimal upkeep, will last for generations.”

Come see his designs in person at SITTE modern. 

Check out his website at: 

And mark your calendars….

SITTE modern will be hosting a lecture and artist talk by William Wessinger on First Thursday, May 4, 2017

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