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We love our front desk!

Thanks to my wonderful dad, James Kramer and his good friend Jimmy Torres for their impeccable craftsmanship and for building our front desk. I can’t thank you enough!

My dad, James Kramer was born in Holland and raised in Zululand, South Africa. He’s been interested in design, cartography and cooking for most of his life. After he met my mother, he immigrated to the US in the 1960s, and began studying woodworking in San Francisco at the Baulins Craft Guild under master craftsmen Jim Sweeny and Sam Maloof.

Since then, he’s built furniture as a hobby, had worked in fine finishing woodworking for a timber frame home builder in Oregon, and has worked on custom side projects for clients.

I’m reminded of how proud I am of my father whenever I sit down at our front desk, which he built his best friend Jimmy Torres.  

Jimmy is a unique character who wears many hats. Originally a songwriter, he’s written hits such as “Sugar Shack” (and many other songs that have been covered by well-known musicians). Jimmy now lives in Eugene, Oregon in a craftsman home filled that’s filled with musical artifacts he’s accumulated during his long and illustrious musical career.

Jimmy, a good friend of my father’s works closely with him in their tiny workshop in Eugene, Oregon.

Interested in custom furniture design, e-mail info@sittemodern and we are happy to connect you!

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