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We love sheepskin!

Our natural sheepskins offer a luxurious way to bring texture and softness to any room. Most commonly they are draped across chairs or other seating to add style and comfort but they can also be placed on the floor and are especially nice beside the bed in rooms with hard surfaces. Our 2-pelt sheepskin is designed as a runner for the bed but can be used anywhere a larger pelt is suitable.

So what is the difference between the sheepskins at SITTE modern and the ones you may have seen for less at a big box store? Because you get what you pay for. These pelts are not only larger, thicker, softer, and just generally better quality, but we can also attest to the ethical treatment of the animals and responsibility of the manufacturers who produce them. The pelts come from Australian sheep that are sent to market (for meat) and then graded by quality, the best (and vast majority used for the rugs) are sent to Germany and the rest to New Zealand, Yugoslavia, and China for tanning. The tanneries from our source have invested billions of dollars in water treatment plants to comply with EPA regulations. By comparison, the sheepskins from IKEA and Costco, for example, are sent to Vietnam which has some of the most lax EPA regulation (and basic labor protections) in the world.

The wool fibers in sheepskin naturally repel dirt, so caring for sheepskin is quite simple. It is best to shake them out regularly and vacuum with a plain suction vacuum. Brushing (with a wire pet brush) is an effective way to refluff and soften the texture. Any spills should be blotted up immediately; lasting stains can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. For more thorough cleaning, pelts may be hand or machine washed in warm water with a mild detergent. For best result and for all dyed sheepskins, dry cleaning is recommended.

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