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book of poems by Daniel Cox.


100% of proceeds go directly to Daniel Cox.

This book of poems is written by Daniel Cox.  They are inspired by his life living on the streets and in and out of shelters in Portland, Oregon.  We are proud to support Daniel by producing his book of poems and giving him 100% of the proceeds in sales. 

If you want to meet him in person, and purchase from him directly, he sells Street Roots newspapers on the corner on NW Couch and Davis in front of Pearl Bakery in the Pearl district.   He would be delighted to hear any words of encouragement and support!

Thank you for your purchase. 

We hope you enjoy his poems as much as we do!



Alaskan native, Daniel Cox was born January 26th, 1966, in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Daniel has been in Portland, Oregon for ten years and has been a Street Roots vendor for five. His poems have been published in many issues of Street Roots and other small run publications.

Daniel aspires to have more of his works published and hopes that people can hear his message through his poetry. “My wish is that through my words, people can recognize that we are all people who have minds, souls and compassion and that it is important to have respect for each other, regardless of background, social status and race. Everyone deserves to be treated with care and respect”.  

 “I’m just lucky I guess”.


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